ACROS ORGANICS Israel - Fine Chemicals and Reagents

Fine Organic Chemicals

The Acros Organics brand delivers consistent, high-quality organics and fine chemicals at great savings.

It also focuses on the evolving trends in organic chemistry, supporting research, development and product activities through a range of off-the-shelf products and expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and technology partnerships.

Acros Organics exceeds today's requirements for organic, medicinal, analytical and biological chemistry through an ever-expanding range of products and services. Our portfolio encompasses more than 30,000 products.

Laboratory reagents

Extra-Dry Solvents

When you select dry solvents packaged in AcroSeal bottles from Acros Organics, you're selecting reliability, integrity and convenience.

These new screw top, tamper-evident caps protect three grades of dry solvents: 

  • Standard Grade
    Quadrant-style screw cap protects solvent integrity. Reseals even with very aggressive solvents. Molecular sieves can be added to increase dryness.
  • Molecular Sieves Grade
    Enhanced for maximum dryness. Stored over molecular sieves. Prolonged shelf life, even with daily use.
  • Supreme Grade
    Extra-dry solvents filtered for dust-free applications. Highest quality. Absolutely dustfree, filtered through 0.2 micro filter.

Specialized Chemical Services

For the times when the product you need is not readily available from a chemical catalog, you can save time and resources by turning to the company you can trust.

Holland Moran (Acros Organics, Fisher BioReagents, Fisher Chemical and Maybridge) offer one of the most comprehensive cost-effective solutions available in the market for all your production chemical needs, whether you are engaged in initial research or scaling up to full production.

Offering the following custom services and solutions:

  • Semi-Bulk and Bulk Chemical Service
  • Tailored Solvents and Solvent Blends 
  • Customize d Packaging and Labeling
Bulk Chemical Service


Discover product lines from ACROS ORGANICS


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>  Ultra Pure Inorganics 

>  Indicators and Dyes

>  HPLC Grade Reagents & Solvents

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