SurePrep™ RNA Purification Kits

SurePrepTM Kits utilize spin column chromatography with a proprietary resin for capturing all sizes of RNA molecules from plant and animal tissues, cultured cells, fungi, blood, bacteria, and yeast.

The TrueTotal™ and Small RNA purifi cation kits have the broadest application coverage. Specifi c procedures such as isolating nuclear and cytoplasmic RNA or purifying RNA from leucocytes are optimized in other SurePrep kits. Additionally, we offer a kit that permits the recovery of RNA, DNA, and protein from the same biological sample.


Fisher BioReagents SurePrep line of RNA Purification Kits gives you many options to maximize your success in RNA sample preparation.

Catalog No. Product Name No. of Preps Application
BP2800 SurePrep TrueTotal RNA Purification Kit 50 Total RNA isolation including siRNA and miRNA from a varity of samples.
BP2801 SurePrep Small RNA Purification Kit 25 Enrichment of small RNA by removing large RNA species for studying gene expression level and function of small and miRNA.
BP2802 SurePrep  RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Kit 50 Separation and purification of total RNA, genomic DNA and protein, from a single sample in < 20 min. using the same column.
BP2803 SurePrep  Urine Exfoliated Cell RNA Purification Kit 50 Isolation and purification of total RNA from urinary tract exfoliated cells obtained from urine sample.
BP2804 SurePrep  Urine Bacterial RNA Purification Kit 50 Bacterial total RNA isolation and purification from either human urine samples or from the urine samples of animals. Isolates RNA from both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
BP2805 SurePrep Nuclear or Cytoplasmic RNA Purification Kit 50 (Cyto),             25 (nuc & Cyto) Isolate and purify both cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA from cultured cells or animal tissue. Allows to enrich for cytoplasmic or nuclear RNA depending on the downstream application.
BP2806 SurePrep  RNA/Protein Purification Kit 50 Isolate and purify total RNA and proteins simultaneously from a single biological sample using the same column in P20 min.
BP2807 SurePrep  Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit 50 Isolation and purification of white blood cell total RNA from mammalian blood samples.
BP2809 SurePrep  RNA Cleanup and Concentration Kit 50 Purifies, cleans and concentrates RNA isolated using other methods such as phenol:chloroform extraction or after enzymatic reactions.
BP2814 SurePrep  Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit 25 preps +            25 maxi columns      Rapid isolation of DNA and RNA from microorganisms found in a variety of water samples (ocean, pond, drinking water, wastewater). No kit in the market currently isolates and purifies RNA and DNA from water samples using the same column.
BP2815 SurePrep  Soil DNA Isolation Kit   50 Convenient and rapid method for the isolation and purification of micro-organisms from soil samples. Identification of microorganisms in soil is important for agriculture and environmental applications in crop growth, pollution studies, and infectious diseases.
BP2817 SurePrep  Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit 50  Innovative and rapid method for the isolation and purification of total RNA from a wide range of plant and fungi species. The total RNA can be purified from challenging specimens such as fresh or frozen plant tissues, plant cells or calluses, hard fibrous tissues (seed, needles) and filamentous fungi.


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